Sell Your Car

Sell Your Car

Are you selling your car? We regularly purchase cars from the public. Our target cars are usually no more than 80,000 miles but we will quote on any age/mileage. What’s more important to us is how well the car has been looked after. There could be many reasons you’re looking to sell your car… maybe you just don’t use it much, you have a bigger family, new job, a company car or you just need the money.

Other companies charge you to transfer your money… we don’t. Other companies make you wait for your money… we don’t. Other companies want to offer you one price online and then when you show them the car they find all sorts of reasons to lower that price… we don’t. Just show us your car and we will give you a firm offer on the spot. We are good buyers because we have years of experience and know what we can sell. Why wouldn’t we want to buy your car?

So if you have a car for sale especially if it’s less than 80,000 miles we would really like to give you a price on your car today.


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